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 Dress Rings .....a small selection of designs by Joanne Gowan are shown below.
 Most designs can be made with alternative Gemstones.

 These items have been SOLD but if you wish to have something similar made please
email us with the description or JG code for the current price of any design.

Silver & Blue Topaz  JG5231

palladium gold black opal & pink
tourmaline Pebbles Ring JG5398

18cy gold & Red Spinel JG5241

Bi colour Tourmaline 18ct gold JG5298

Pink sapphire diamonds 18ct white gold JG5309

Lilac sapphire & tanzanites
Palladium JG5198

old cut diamonds 18ct gold &
Platinum JG5265

18ct gold & white opal JG5436

Silver & peridot JG5305

Sapphire diamonds Citrine 18ct

18ct gold cabochon ruby &
diamonds  JG5275

18ct gold sapphire tourmaline &

18ct yellow gold Black Opal

Pink coral silver & 18ct gold

Green Beryl & 18ct gold

18ct white & yellow gold, emerald diamonds

Platinum diamond & tanzanite

18ct white gold diamonds &
amethyst JG5341

18ct yellow gold emerald &
diamonds  JG5217

Palladium birthstones ring
citrine, garnet ,diamond & pearl

Cushion Sapphire in 18ct gold shield

Gold, pearl & turquoise

Opal & Diamonds  JG5268

Cushion ruby in 18ct gold shield

Three band 18ct Diamond Scatter

Aquamarine claw platinum & shoulders on 18ct hammer band

Platinum three band diamond
scatter JG5210

Palladium black rhodium plated
aquamarine  JG5527

Platinum, 18ct Gold and Cushion Sapphire, gypsy set diamonds

18ct gold repousse finish with
oval Sapphire

18ct Gold repousse finish with
oval ruby - JG4992

18ct Gold with pear cut Emerald and Diamond - JG4024

Palladium, 18ct Red Gold, Black
Opal & Diamonds - JG5044

Platinum, gold & Diamonds -

 Platinum & Diamonds - JG5067

18ct Gold & Black Opal JG4905

18ct Gold Tourmaline & Diamonds - JG4041

18ct Gold, rectangle Tourmaline & princess cut Diamonds

18ct Gold & Cushion Ruby -

18ct gold, marquise Emerald & Diamonds

Silver, 18ct Gold &  cabochon Amethyst

18ct white & yellow gold, Black Opal

18ct Red Gold and pineapple-cut Garnet

18ct Gold &  faceted
cushion Amethyst

18ct gold, platinum, Sapphire,
aquamarines & diamonds

18ct white gold, marquise & pear Sapphires

Platinum forged style with
tourmalines & sapphires

18ct Gold, chrysoberyl, peridot & Aquamarine

 Platinum, Diamonds and
Tanzanite JG4043

Platinum & pariaba Tourmaline JG4027

18ct Gold, Amethyst, Tsavorite & Sapphire JG4025

Platinum, 18ct Gold, Ruby & Diamonds

 18ct white gold textured with red gold & Imperial Topaz - JG4022

Platinum, 18ct Gold Black Opal & Diamonds - JG4026

Silver repousse, 18ct Gold &
Ametrine JG4045

Oxidised silver, 18ct gold &
Ametrine JG4046

18ct Gold & Peridot

18ct Yellow Gold & mandarin Garnet

18ct red Gold & Opal

Silver, 18ct Gold & Aquamarine-

Silver, 18ct Gold, Blue Topaz & diamonds

Silver repousse, 18ct gold & pale amethyst

Silver, 18ct gold, amethyst & Blue Topaz

Silver, 18ct Gold & Star ruby

18ct Gold, platinum & Pink Sapphires

18ct Gold & marquise Ruby -

18c t Gold, Emerald  Diamonds

18ct Gold & Rubies

Rhodium plated white Gold, Diamonds & Aquamarine - JG4518

18ct Gold, sapphire & Platinum JG4199

18ct Gold, Diamond & Sapphires

18ct Gold, platinum & black Opal

Platinum & Diamonds - JG4480

Platinum & Marquise Diamonds

Platinum & 2ct Diamond

Platinum & Diamond - side view

Palladium, 18ct Gold &
Green Garnet - JG4235

 18ct Gold Sapphires & diamonds - JG4270

18ct Gold, Platinum & Diamonds -

Black Opal, 18ct Gold & Diamonds - JG4530

18ct Gold & South Sea pearl -

18ct White Gold, pave Diamonds
& Tahitian pearl JG4237

18ct White Gold pave Diamonds
& pearl - JG4287

18ct White Gold, Diamonds & pearls - JG3897

Silver & Pink Sapphire - JG4498

18ct Gold, platinum Diamonds &
Blue Tourmaline JG4042

18ct Gold 'Rainbow' Channel set

 18ct Gold & pearl - JG3138

18ct Gold & Oval Sapphires
- JG3134

18ct Gold & pale green
Tourmaline - JG3135

Platinum & Trillion Rose
Tourmaline - JG3155

Platinum & Trillion Rose
Tourmalines - JG2963

18ct White Gold & Diamond

 18ct Gold & cabochon Citrine - JG2045

18ct Red Gold & Cabochon
Garnet - JG2075

Silver gold & cabochon
Tourmaline - JG1719

18ct Gold, platinum Ribbons with Diamonds & Ruby

18ct Gold & Tourmaline - JG3137

18ct Gold & Red Spinel - JG2217

18ct Gold Platinum & Tanzanite - JG2891

18ct Gold & Emerald - JG1698

18ct Gold & pink Sapphire

J18ct White gold with yellow gold & pink Tourmaline - G3140

Silver & garnet JG4903

18ct Gold Diamonds &
Amethyst trilliant

Watermelon Tourmaline &
18ct Gold

18ct Gold & Amethyst cabochon

18ct white & yellow gold,
Diamonds & Cabochon Sapphire

18ct Gold 3 rings Tourmalines

18ct Gold 3 rings Tourmalines

18ct Gold, cabochon Tourmalines

18ct Gold & lapis lazuli

18ct Gold & Rubies - JG2431

Palladium Sapphire trilliant & Diamonds - JG4899

18ct White Gold, sapphires & Diamonds

Platinum wave with 18ct Gold set Yellow Diamonds

18ct Gold & aquamarine - JG4929

18ct Gold, Emerald & Diamonds JG4991

18ct Gold Ruby & Diamonds -

18ct Gold, Platinum, Aqua & Tourmalines - JG5143

Oxidised Silver, Opal, coral & Black opal - JG5034

 palladium & Amethyst JG5005

Palladium, Diamond & Tahitian
pearl - JG4993

Platinum, Princess Diamonds & Emerald - JG3429

Silver, Gold & Topaz - JG2890

Silver gold & CZ - JG4996

Silver, 18ct Gold, Citrine &
Peridot - JG5117

 Silver 18ct Gold-plate & Citrine - JG5002

18ct Gold, Tanzanite & diamonds

18ct Gold Emerald & Diamonds pears

Platinum, 18ct Red gold & Ruby

18ct Gold, Platinum & 1ct Diamond

All the Designs shown here are protected by Copyright and
are the intellectual property of Joanne Gowan.
No design may be reproduced or made up without the express permission of Joanne Gowan.
Any breach of Copyright will be vigorously pursued through legal channels.


Copyright ⰱ1 Gowan Jewellers.  All rights reserved.