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Designer jewellery
.....pieces by the other jewellers stocked at the shop are shown below.
                                                     Please contact us if you would like further information.

Catherine Hills
Catherine creates one-off pieces and manufactures a batch range of jewellery in silver and 18ct. gold. Inspired by natural forms, the work combines sensuous liquid shapes with smooth crisp, highly finished surfaces. It is organic, whilst incorporating a high tech, science fiction feeling, where movement often plays its part. Oxidised silver is used in juxtaposition with yellow gold and coloured glass, or stone, to produce a striking colour contrast. The dark recesses, inside the hollow forms, create their own mysterious miniature world.
Emma Turpin
Emma studied a BA Hons in jewellery at Middlesex University, graduating in 2005 and is currently selling her work through craft fairs around the country.
The current collection "Maidens' Garlands" has been inspired by a traditional British craft."There is a tradition dating back to the 17th century, that if a girl should die after her betrothal but before her marriage then a garland was made to accompany her coffin at the funeral ceremony." These garlands were made of paper rosettes.
Emma's current work is made from silver and there are elements of gold, gold plating and oxidisation.
Michael Carpenter
Michael's current range of handmade jewellery reflects his love of silver and 18ct gold. Each piece has a simple, classic elegance that gives his jewellery its enduring appeal.

He draws his inspiration from African, Celtic and Architectural motifs. He uses contrasts of metal, with Silver and 18ct, and finishes with the use of polished and oxidised (blackened) surfaces.



 Jane Moore
"The inspiration for my jewellery often derives from creatures and flowers both real and imaginary which are depicted in the art of ancient cultures. I develop my ideas in a sketchbook and eventually produce a finished design which I have photo-etched onto silver sheet. Then using enamels I colour in the image."


Olivia Schlevogt
Olivia grew up in a family of German Goldsmiths.  Her elegant jewellery and silverware uses a distinctive style of inlaid golds, in different colours, on a matt silver background. Some pieces incorporate small brilliant cut diamonds.
Olivia works with simple geometric shapes folding and shaping the precious metals into subtle sculptural forms.


Naomi James
Naomi's designs are often inspired by her travels abroad to the Far East where she sources unusual coloured beads & gemstones for her jewellery designs.
She uses embossing techniques to create delicate patterns and motifs on silver. The surface patterns are created by rolling with a stainless steel template and hollow forms are pressed out using a perspex tool. Much of her work includes detailing in gold and coloured semi-precious stones.

All the Designs shown here are protected by Copyright and are the intellectual property of the named designers. No design may be reproduced or made up without the express permission of the designer maker.
Any breach of Copyright will be vigorously pursued through legal channels.
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